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    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate [Live: Dec.12]

    • Factors affecting rate

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    • Office Hour Dr. Nervana (Dec.14.2022)

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    • Factors affecting rate of reaction [English]

    • Factors affecting rate of reaction [Arabic]

    • MCQ: Factors affecting rate [Arabic]

    • MCQ: factors affecting rate [Arabic]

    • Written questions: Factors affecting rate [Arabic]

    • Written questions: Factors affecting rate [Arabic]

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    • Worksheet 7.3. Factors affecting rate_Questions

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate_2019_2021_MCQ-questions

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate_2019_2021_written-questions

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate-2016-2018-MCQ-questions

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate-2016-2018-written-questions

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate-2002-2015-MCQ-questions

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate-2002-2015-written-questions

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    • Worksheet 7.3. Factors affecting rate_Answers.pdf

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate_2019_2021_MCQ-Answers-s

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate_2019_2021_written-Answers-s

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate-2016-2018-MCQ-answers-s

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate-2016-2018-written-answers-s

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate-2002-2015-MCQ-answers-s

    • 7.3. Factors affecting rate-2002-2015-written-answers-s

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    • Quiz #19 Video

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Highly recommended

by Loay Tamer

Dr. Nervana is highly recommended for Chemistry class tuition, she knows how to deliver the information, make sure you understood it and able to apply it, also she puts a lot of effort on the practice before the exam to make sure you are ready for any level of questions...Thanks to God and Nervana i got A* 🙂

Words can't explain

by Omneya

I have no enough words to explain how much I was lucky to be your student , you were so patient and made chemistry like a piece of cake for us , your classes were so much fun yet challenging . I won't ever forget the first day I met you and was really scared of this tough subject went home that day very happy and excited for more classes to come 🙂 Periodic table you made it stick to my mind and my heart . Here I'm with a grade A and a Dental Surgeon, so glad to be your student ❤

I wish those days come back

by Heba Saeed

I knew my respected instructor Dr. Nervana in 2006. At that time, I was unable to understand the chemistry very well. I faced difficulty with chemistry until I met Dr. Nervan. She made a great effort to support me and my peers. I still remember when she used to stay awake till the mid of the night teaching me and my colleagues. And with all of this huge effort , she was always smiling and willing to clear all of our doubts. I never hesitate to ask her any question at anytime because I always believe that she enjoys to support all of her students. Because of her, I scored excellent in chemistry IG. It's my pleasure to be Dr. Nervana's student.

It was enjoyable

by Alaa Hussain

I enjoyed the environment overall. My biggest advice to new IGCSE students are: attendance (do not miss a class), and past papers.

Best Teacher!

by Zaina

No one can teach chemistry better than you, no way :)

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