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About us

  • What is IGCSE Videos.com

    IGCSE Videos is a global platform providing best quality courses for IGCSE students (grades 9 to 12).

  • Our vision

    Deliver world-class, state-of-the-art online courses that positively transform the academic performance of millions of high school students in all levels and studying a variety of curricula.

  • Our mission

    Empower young students with a variety of high-quality educational tools, giving them freedom and flexibility in achieving their academic goals, by attracting and attaining experienced and enthusiastic instructors who are dedicated to providing the best e-learning experience.

  • Our values

    We value best quality products with exceptional integrity by which we fulfill our students’ and their parents’ trust and expectations.

  • Why is an online course better for me?

    You can study anywhere with no distractions. You can watch videos multiple times. Increase the recorded video's speed the second time you watch it to save time. Never fall behind due to illness or bad weather. Completely eliminate the time needed to commute. Completely eliminate risk of infection due to crowded classes.

  • How does igcsevideos.com select instructors

    We select instructors using a very specific mechanism that ensures high quality courses. Teacher must exhibit high quality teaching, extensive experience, and high enthusiasm to help students. Teacher must be willing to provide the support needed for students. We only have instructors with prior excellent results and evidence of high quality.

  • What support does IGCSEvideos.com provide?

    Extensive support is provided to students & teachers. Both teachers and students can ask for support via e-mail: support@igcsevideos.com. All materials on igcsevideos.com website are available 24/7. E-mail us to ask about the unique support provided by each instructor.